This Map Sitinjau Lauik V2 for ETS2 1.38 is one of the most beautiful and interesting maps with lots of hills road. This Map also works in 1.32 till 1.38. All you need to do is just using the def file as per your game version.

Map Details:

Required DLC:
DLC France
DLC Italy
DLC North
DLC East

In Map Sitinjau Lauik V2, there will be additional cities of Bukittinggi, Lubuk Basung (kelok44), Payakumbuh (Kelok9)

For V1.32 to 1.38 just replace def 1.30 with def according to their respective versions.

Load order:

  • Def file
  • Then Sitinjau map file

Pria Kurniawan, Update by Teguh Giyono

Map Gameplay