Do you know that you can listen to your favorite song or live radio station streams while driving the bus. Its very simple to add songs to your bus audio player.

Follow below steps to add your songs:

  1. First convert your Mp3 songs to .ogg format. You can use this software to covert to .ogg
  2. Copy the .ogg format songs and paste in My Documents -> Euro Truck simulator 2 – > Music
  3. Now run the game and start driving the bus. Now press letter “R” this will open the audio player
  4. Now play the songs and enjoy your drive

Follow below steps to add live radio:

  1. Go to My documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Live streams
  2. This is open in note pad
  3. Now you can replace those links with your favorite online radio steaming links.
  4. Now save the notepad
  5. in Game play Press “R” to play radio